Problem based learning for SMEs

  Tutor handbook PBL for facilitating PBL
  Tutor handbook PBL for business professionals

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Facilitating PBL
Facilitating PBL - Portugese
  Unit1 Problem Based Learning
  Unit2 learning culture
  Unit3 Selecting a problem for PBL learner
  Unit4 PBL process
  Unit5 Roles in PBL
  Unit6 Clarify and define
  Unit7 Brain Class LO
  Unit8 Self study
  Unit9 Synthesising a solution
  Unit10 assessing PBL
  Unit11 mentoring PBL learners

  U2 Lesson1 Trust - P
  U2 Lesson2 Mental Models - P
  U2 Lesson3 Systems Thinking - P
  U2 Lesson4 Self directed learners - P
  U2 Lesson5 Collaboration - P
  U2 Lesson6 Critically evaluating your organisation Assignment - P
  U3 Introduction - P
  U3 Lesson1 Learner Profile - P
  U3 Lesson2 problem profile - P
  U3 Lesson3 problem presentation - P
  U3 Lesson4 categorising the problem - P
  U3 Lesson5 sample PBL problem - P
  U4 Introduction - P
  U4 Lesson1 Opening stage - P
  U4 Lesson2 self study - P
  U4 Lesson3 Closing stage - P
  U5 Introduction - P
  U5 Lesson1 The Facilitator - P
  U5 Lesson2 The discussion leader - P
  U5 Lesson3 The recorder - P
  U5 Lesson4 The observer - P
  U5 Lesson5 The group member - P
  U5 Lesson6 Collaboration between roles - P
  U6 Introduction - P
  U6 Lesson1 clarifying the problem - P
  U6 Lesson2 defining the problem - P
  U6 Lesson3 Supporting clar and def - P
  Unit7 Lesson 1 Brainstorming - P
  Unit7 Lesson 2 Classification - P
  Unit7 Lesson 3 learning objectives - P
  Unit8 Lesson 1 - P
  Unit8 Lesson 2 - P
  Unit8 Lesson 3 - P
  Unit8 Lesson 4 - PP
  Unit9 Lesson 1 - P
  Unit9 Lesson 2 - P
  Unit9 Lesson 3 - P
  Unit10 Lesson 1 - P
  Unit10 Lesson 2 - P
  Unit10 Lesson 3 and 4 - P
  Unit11 Lesson 1 - P
  Unit11 Lesson 2 - P

PBL for business professionals

We are currently developing two courses in the following areas

  1. Problem based learning for SMEs
  2. Mentoring for problem based learning

These courses will be accredited and learners will recieve certification for the completion of these courses

If you would like access to the course or to pilot the course please email us at